Let my love be a bandaid for your wound!

So, or those of you who haven't heard about my phonecall gongshow, I'll hook you up with what happened.

I call my host family.

Them - Hurukawa Desu.
Me - Toshinorisan imasu ka?
Them - Hai, Toshinori desu.
(Please note, I was talking to a lady, and Toshinori is supposedly my host dad).
Me - Uh.. *babbles her japanese*
Toshinorisan - *Answer back!*
Me - *???* wakarimasu! wakarimasu!
Toshinorisan - Ano, ano....*mumbles a lot of stuff*
Me - Uh...Eigo wa hanashimasu ka?
Toshinorisan - (whislt lauging* Zen Zen!
Me - Ah! Oh god oh god....
Toshinorisan - (Can tell how nervous I am getting) something something denwa bango something wakarimasu ka?
Me - Wakarimasu! Iidesu! Iidesu!
Toshinorisan- (Proceeds to tell me a phone number. I very long phone number.) yadda yadda Bai Bai!
Me - Ah! Bai bai!

And that was it.
I don't think I need to translate this, because it is pretty self explanatory. Atleast, I think so.

Anyways, now I am writing them a letter.
I hope this goes well.

Yummy I had a twix bar!
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Life and times at work.

So, yestarday I was all about to go home from work. It was about, what? 11:10? Maybe? Anyways, I'm walking downstairs and I miss a step. I try to balance myself out, when me Elbow, yes, my ELBOW, gets stuck in the banister between the wall. WTF. I pretty much wanted to cry it hurt so bad, I couldn't even move ir. I was about to yell for help, but really, what could be done? PLus, it was really embarrasing. So I stood there for about ten minutes trying to force my arm out. Eventually it came out, followed by a huge popping noise and now my arm hurts way much. I wish it would bruise ors omething, but right now it's a hidden pain that kills me a lot everytime I move.

Bright side:
I finally got the maemuki roketto dan song! And I updated my realplayer, so now I can watch my corrector yui and sci fi harry clips again! Yippee!

This is my celebration picture for finally getting my team rocket song:

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Arg, I'm kinda pissed now. I decided never to read my friends page again. Remind me to never read it, thanks.

So, I guess Kalynn and them are a little upset with me, for reasons that are ridiculous. I mean, just because they dont have really hot boys to hang out with doesn't make me a bad person!!

I could rant, but... meh. I'm updating on my mom's computer.

It's Becky's birthday today! I love Becky! She is lending me her Genki book (it's a university level 1 japanese book). Yay Becky!

On a sad note, Michiko is in Osaka right now. She comes bac, next week though!

I reall don't want to talk to about half of my 'friends' right now. Are you guys ignoring me? I don't mean at school, but... msn wise? And don't try to tell me I never log on, I always do.

Maybe I'll just block people. At least that will make me feel like that's the reason no one is talking to me.

....Umm.... I'm writing a comic right now. It's actually pretty retarded and heavily influenced by Reman Mythology, but I have two chapters done on one character so far. So I like it. It hides in my room right now.

My diet is icky.
Ick. Freaking horse pills.

Three and a half more months. Go Me! Slash I'm sad.
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And there it goes....

Well, I just sent an e-mail to my head district, Mr.Satou, asking if my counseller or host family had an e-mail I could contact them to. I hope they do soooo much. I mean, calling them will be cool. but with e-mails I will be able to know if they speake any english or not!
But you kow, whatever.

Also, for those of you who don't know my news, I am going to the town of Aizu Bange. Cute name, reminds me of a jungle.

Hey, it's 12 am! Sweet. That means it's about... 2 pm in Japan. So hopefully I will et a reply soon! Hurr.

Anyways, tme for bed now. I'm gona cram in some online mario kart first. DA-YUM i love my ds.
Hehe I just ate a hard boiled egg.
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I took this, because I love them.
Stolen from Meagan.

1. Slept in your bed: Me, sleepover friends
2. Saw you cry: Hmm... Probably everyone I know has seen my cvry atleast once.
3. Made you cry: Everything makes me cry. I'm not as hardcore as I may seem.
4. Went to the movies with you: Last person, my dad! I always go with my dad.
5. You went to the mall with: Jordan
7. You went to dinner with: No one! I never go out.
8. You talked on the phone with: Work?
9. Said 'I love you' to you and really meant it: N/A
10. Broke your heart: Jordan! Douche!
11. Made you laugh: Jordan! When I called him poor!
12. Bought you something: Haha... Jordan! He bought my a cookie!


1. Pierce your nose or belly? Belly. Nose peircings are icky.
2. Be serious or be funny? Serious.
3. Drink whole or skim milk? Skim Milk, it tastes like water!
4. Die in a fire or drown? Burnt, it leaves a more interesting corpse.


1. Simple or complicated? Not to sure.
2. Gay? Only if Jordan is a female.
3. Hardcore? God no.
4. Honest? Eh, when I want to be.


1. Flowers or angels?: Flowers
2. Grey or black?: Black
3. Colour or Black & White photos?: Depends on the subject.
4. Lust or love?: Love.
5. Sunrise or sunset?: Sunset!
6. M&Ms or Skittles?: M&M's
7. Rap or rock?: Rawk
8. Staying up late or waking up early?: I like being up until 2 am.


1. Do you like anyone? Obviously.
2. Do they know it? Yes, and they feel the same way! Damn you Japan!


1. Being hot or cold?: Cold. I like winter!
2. Sun or moon?: The moon, like sailor moon~!
4. Left or right?: I'm left handed in everything except writing.
5. Having 10 acquaintances who will have sex with you or having 2 bestfriends?: Can I have 2 best friends and sex with one of them? Please?
6. Sun or rain?: Rain, its so soothing.
7. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?: Vanilla (ice ice baby)
8. Boys or girls: Boys. Girls are to... well, retarded.


What time is it? 3:41
Name?: Amber Michelina Patti
Nickname(s): Anba, Am, Ambaer, Lambert, Michy, Hamburger


Where do you want to live?: Somewhere not here.
How many kids do you want?: Two.
What kind of job do you want?: Teaching ESL
Do you want to get married?: But of course.


1. Nervous Habits?: Laughing, twitching
2. Are you double jointed?: Grossers, no!
3. Can you roll your tongue? Who can't?
4. Can you raise one eyebrow?: Yeah, but I hate doing it. Look I'm the rock!
5. Can you cross your eyes?: Yupah!
6.Do you make your bed daily?: Yes! It makes my room look cleaner! I hate messy beds!


1. Which shoe goes on first?: Left. It's the foot that gets cold fastest.
2. Ever thrown one at someone?: Occasionaly.
3. On the average, how much money do you carry in your wallet?: 60$.
4.What jewellery do you wear:? Earings, gages, braclets, sometimes my ring, sometimes a necklace.



1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: Twirl with a spoon
2. Have you ever eaten Spam?: No, sadly.
3. Favorite ice cream flavour?: French Vanilla
4. How many kinds of cereal are in your pantry?: 6! I love them all!
5. What's your favorite beverage?: Tea
6. What's your favorite restaurant?: Noodle Hut.
7.Do you cook?: Yes, I make good sweets.


1. How often do you brush your teeth?: Twice a day.
2. How do you wear your hair for the most part?: Parted on the side.
3. Have you ever dyed/highlighted your hair? Oh, but of coruse! But I only dye them my natural color.


1. Do you swear?: Hell yah
2. Do you ever spit?: Not unless I have a cough.
3. You cook your own food: My mum cooks for me!
4. You do your own chores?: Of course. It's the least I can do.
5. You got laid today?: Heh.
6. You like beef jerky?: Sometimes
7. You like pepsi or coke?: Diet Coke...
8. You plan on going to Uni?: Nope!
9. Are you happy with your life?: Where it's headed, yes I am.
10. You own a dog?: Two of them!
11. You spend your money wisely?: Sometimes.
12. You're always making new friends? Hahaha NO.
13. You like to swim?: Yes, but not with friends
14. Have you ever gotten so bored you called a friend?: No. When I get bored I sleep.
15. You're patient?: NO


In the last month have you...

1. Had sex: ugh. No.
2. Bought something: Harvest Moon!
3. Gotten sick: No. Sad.
4. Sang: To myself (lalala)
5. Been kissed: Hehe.
7. Felt stupid: Nope.
8. Missed someone:Not last month.
10. Gotten high: Nopers
11. Danced crazy: I'm like a cat. And theyd don't dance.
12. Gotten your hair cut: I don't think so...
13. Watched cartoons: Bromwell high owns my life right now. And 6teen. And many other teletoon cartoons.
14. Lied: Yes! Always do!


1. Wished you were the opposite sex: For bad reasons.
2. Snuck out of your house: No, my parents dont car where I go as long a I tell them.
3. Gave money to a homeless person: Yes! Woooo! I love America!

More later. Maybe. Probably not. No compteur now, I'm shutting it off.